Interested in Joining a Community of Disaster Justice Advocates? 

Click here to join the Advocate Network of Advocates for Disaster Justice. Membership is free and open to advocates involved in disaster resilience, response and recovery work, including:

  • Nonprofit legal aid staff
  • Staff and volunteers from bar associations
  • Law school students, graduates, and faculty
  • Pro bono counsel from law firms and corporate legal departments
  • Solo attorneys interested in disaster legal aid pro bono work
  • Staff and volunteers at allied nonprofit organizations working on disaster resilience and recovery

The tools and information available on the Advocates for Disaster Justice website may only be used for non commercial purposes and to protect and promote the rights of disaster survivors in the United States.

Why should you join Advocates for Disaster Justice? 

  • Access to Resources: We provide a range of training resources and support materials to help you get started, whether you're a legal aid attorney, volunteer attorney, law student, or working directly with a disaster survivor to help them recover. Some of the resources are password-protected, such as examples of FEMA appeals provided by legal aid organizations.
  • CLE Opportunities: Members are the first to learn about upcoming or new CLE program opportunities organized by Pro Bono Net and Lone Star Legal Aid.  Stay up to date on the latest legal issues and strategies to help disaster survivors.
  • Membership Updates: You’ll receive membership updates and can join different listservs to receive information related to current disaster response and recovery efforts.
  • Become Part of a Community: You'll be part of a community that is working to make a difference in helping disaster survivors and communities recover. By joining, you’ll also access a member roster to reach out to others in your area or in other communities.
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